12 Diet Tips To Help You Lose Weight

The following are the 12 Diet Tips To Help You Lose Weight

  • Do not skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast will not help you lose weight. …
  • Eat regular meals. …
  • Eat plenty of fruit and veg. …
  • Get more active. …
  • Drink plenty of water. …
  • Eat high-fibre foods. …
  • Read food labels. …
  • Use a smaller plate

When we see the word diet we often think of a time frame that is fixed with a start & end point.

This often means a period where there is some level of restriction or elimination.

Most people will lose weight following a “diet” as they simply create a calorie deficit through a series of these restrictions or eliminations.


diet fails
12 Diet Tips To Help You Lose Weight

So if it’s as simple as this, why do only 5% of diets have success after 3 years?

Often once the job is done, people will return back to what was their “normal” intake & behaviors with food only to see themselves regain all the lost weight.

80% of people who diet will regain the weight they lost within a year.

And the kicker?

Between 33%-66% will regain even more weight than they lost.

This is when we recognize that the biggest problem

If you can’t see yourself sticking to a diet a year from now

It’s time to re-think your approach

You HAVE to find a sustainable way to enjoy the food you consume

because if you don’t you may lose weight…

but you will eventually gain it back.

Here’s what you need to focus on…

– Hit your goals within a system that can be replicated over time

– Use tools like MyFitnessPal is a great app to track meals and monitor your intake to understand what you consume.

You can track:

• Calories
• Protein
• Carbs
• Fats

You can also track your weight daily to see how you are progressing.

  • If you don’t like to cook, you can select 2-3 restaurants and plan your meals
  • This takes the guesswork out of it and keeps you on track for your goals
  • The beauty of it is if you commit to tracking for 30 days, it becomes natural

There are a lot of different reasons why diets fail which vary from person to person. Below are common reasons where you could be going wrong.

Understanding Dieting Basics and Facts -REASONS WHY YOUR DIET IS FAILING


  • Does this diet fit my lifestyle?
  • Do I like the majority of these foods?
  • Do the foods easily fit my social circles?
  • Does this diet allow me some flexibility?
  • Can I see myself sticking to this for longer than 1 week?


For each meal/snack you can aim for the following:


  • 1 serving of protein = 2 palms
  • 1 serving of carbs = 2 cupped hands
  • 1 serving of fat = 2 thumbs
  • 3-4 meals/snacks per day.



  • 1 serving of protein = 1 palm
  • 1 serving of carbs = 1 cupped hand
  • 1 serving of fat = 1 thumb
  • 2-3 meals/snacks per day.



Some of the only times you want to be completely avoiding certain foods is when:

  • You have an allergy.
  • You have an intolerance.
  • You dislike them.
  • They are a ‘trigger food’ (foods you massively overeat).
  • You have been advised too by a professional.


Below are a number of different ways you can do a food diary:

  • Taking pictures on your phone.
  • Notes app on your phone.
  • Using certain apps like my fitness pal.
  • Writing it down on paper.

Main takeaways from this article and things to focus on to help you with your diet issues:

  1. Tailor the diet towards you and your body, lifestyle, social circles, and likes / dislikes.
  2. Learn and understand portion control (use hand portions).
  3. Avoid overcomplicating your diet and keep things simple.
  4. Avoid banning, demonizing, or restricting food (unless you have been advised to by a professional).
  5. Keep a weekly food diary to help create more awareness.
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